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If you would like to join into the Challenge Ladder - Please visit the Tennis Office to sign- up!


Week 14 (6-12 November 2017)
  1. Greg Ryan
  2. Harrison Jarmain
  3. John Horack
  4. Qalib Ladhani
  5. Andrew Bates
  6. Camila Trujillo
  7. Sebastian Trujillo
  8. Ratul Sarker
  9. Alex Rich
  10. Ben Kettner
  11. Matthew Haupt
  12. Charlie Hewak
  13. Anastasia Novy
  14. Steve Lastovic-Bisson
  15. Matthew Li
  16. Nicholas Gibson
  17. Blake Gill
  18. Toby Zhu
  19. John Coman
  20. Jane Rich
  21. Susan Wahlroth
  22. Ainsley Ramackers
  23. Michael Jones
  24. Nick Grayson
  25. Mark McDonald
  1. Challenge Matches can be booked at any time. Duration: 1.5 hours.
  2. 10 minute warm-up; each match is best of 3 sets - regular scoring system (ads at deuce). 7 point tie-break at 6-6. If players split sets; a 10 point tie-break in lieu of full 3rd set.
  3. Please report match results to Tennis Staff. Ladder movement will be updated next day.
  4. Each player can challenge up to 3 spots above their current spot.
  5. Challenger wins; moves up to the Challenged player’s spot, everyone else drops 1 spot. No movement happens if Challenged player wins, or if the Challenger loses.
  6. Every Challenge Match should be played within 7 days from the day the challenge was launched. If the Challenged player not available within this time - the Challenger moves to the Challenged player’s spot.
  7. There will be a 3 day period for a player to propose the next Challenge.
  8. BALLS: (Unless using own balls) 1 can of new balls will be used & cost is split between players.  Player that loses keeps the balls.
Have fun; be competitive, and bring your top game.

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